Entry #2

To my one follower, hello.

2017-10-24 00:29:04 by Rahatul

To any future viewers, 

I've finally had the urge to play a few flash games, so I decided to come back and update some things only to realize I have been gone for about 4 years. I wouldn't have expected it myself. 

It makes me a little sad that flash games aren't what they used to be. No one pays much attention to them anymore. At least when I come on here, I feel like there are still people out there that love the simplicity as much as I do. 

To game developers, no matter how small, please keep making more. <3 

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Instagram: @chromocide 


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2017-10-24 07:41:51

Indeed it saddens me. Im quite young compared to alot of veterans from this site but I found this site thanks to my brother and I use to watch animations from this site everyday. I loved watching Jazza and the Bitey series. Though it seems jazza has moved on to doing big things on youtube, not sure about Bitey. I especially loved playing the stick games and problem solving games back then. Its now 10 years later from that time. And i finally made a account a year ago. I'm just glad people still use this site and share their creations here.

Rahatul responds:

Agree. I've never personally watched animations here, only games, but I love watching people produce.